IndyVB is a home for all volleyball players, whether you are brand new to the sport or a pro.

Our goal is to provide information about upcoming tournaments, leagues, and open play. We don't limit ourselves to just one style. We look for all types of play including: doubles, trips, quads, and sixes. We also look for different types like sand, indoor court, grass, and turf. 


We are not affiliated or owned by any club in Indianapolis, so we can provide the details for volleyball around the city. 

Event Rules / FAQ

Style of Play?

All Tournaments will have pool play plus tournament play. Tournament play will either be single or double elimination depending on the club and event, but mostly will have pool play for seeding.

Coed: >=25% of the team on the court are women.
Doubles: 1 of the 2
Quads: 1 of the 4
6s: 2 of the 6

Reverse Coed: >=50% of the team on the court are women. Play on women's net.

Women can pass, set, jump, serve, block and hit.

Men can block, roll, set, just no jumping and hitting.

Can be an all female team.

Quads: 2 of the 4
6s: 3 of the 6

We have super original and comples naming ... :)

Doubles (2s): 2 Players

Trips (3s): 3 Players

Quads (4s): 4 Players

Sixes (6s): 6 Players

How many points? Cap?

Most tournaments will follow this style (unless otherwise specified by your TD or event details):


Pool Play - Single game/set to 21. Win by 2. Cap 25.

Tournament Play - 3 Game/Set Match. Best 2 out of 3. Play to 21/21/21. Win by 2. No Cap.
If you win 2 games, you do not need to play a third.


Pool Play - Single game/set to 25. Win by. Cap 29.

Tournament Play - 3 Game/Set Match. Best 2 out of 3. Play to 25/25/15. Win by 2. No Cap.
If you win 2 games, you do not need to play a third.

Where can I find rules about my event?

1. On the event page.

2. Directly from the TD or IndyVB on the day of the tournament or online prior. Email if you have specific questions.

3. Clearly written or explained to captains prior to start of tournament.

Each TD will have a script to cover:

1. Hands Rules

2. Tip Rules

3. Serving Rules

4. Blocking Rules

Rules may very from tourney to tourney but we will strive for consistency across each level and style of play. ie. the rules for competitive 2s should be consistent from club to club and recreational 6s should be consistent from club to club.

Where are events?

IndyVB affilitaed and sponsored events will be based in, and around, Indianpolis.

We may promote other local events on social and email that we are not affilitated with, but we think you'd like.

What are hands/setting rules?

Setting (or hands) rules refer to 2 hand setting or dumping. Each location we work with will have their own hand rules.

As a general rule:

Competitive: tight hand set calls, comes in and out with both hands equally with no side ways sets or sets with excessive spins. Setting over the net is permitted as long as a player is squared and matches the ball direction over the net. [Open / A reference]

Intermediate: a little looser on hand sets, but no doubles or excessive spin are allowed. Squared setting may be allowed based on tournament, however, most will have a no "sets over" rule. [BB/B level references]

Recreational: Sets are not called unless holding or carrying. Setting over the net is not monitored.

Everyone is expected to call their own sets. If your opposing team is not calling their sets, please talk to the TD and they will re-explain rules and keep an eye on the situtation.

What are serving rules?

Serves cannot be blocked or attacked.

For the serving team, as a general rule:

Competitive: All serves allowed behind the serving line. [Open / A reference]

Intermediate: All serves allowed behind the serving line [BB/B level references]

Recreational: No jump serves. Underhand and standing overhand only.

Are tips allowed?

No open hand tips are permitted in 2s and 4s. You must have a closed fist or use knuckles. Opan hand roll shots are permitted.

Does a block count?

Serves cannot be blocked or attacked.

In 2s and 4s, blocks will count as 1 of the 3 touches. A bloker is to play his/her block as a second touch.

ie: a blocker tips and immediately digs the ball. This is permitted, but counts as 2 touches. The ball must go over on the next touch.

In 6s, blocks do not count toward the three touches (1 block + 3 additional touches are permitted). A blocker may pass their own touch.

As a general rule, if you are blocking every hit in 6s, you may be playing lower than your compeitive level and will be asked to move up to a more competitive play or chill out on blocking.

What are net calls?

If you hit the net anytime the ball is live, you are in the net, the other team wins the point.

You are permitted to go under the net, so long that you do not interfere with play. If you touch another player or prohibit them from making a touch, the other team will take the point.

In sand, do we have to switch?

Typical rules are to swich every 7 points scored. TD will not keep track of switches. It is up to the teams to agree and decide on side-swiches for their games.

Common Suggestions:

- Every 7: Swich every 7 points.

- Switch at 11: Switch when the first team reaches 11 points.

- Switch on games/sets: During tournament play, just switch sides after the end of a game/set.

- Do not switch: Deal with the elements.

Will there be refs?

Depends on the tournament. If there is a ref, they have final say.

What are the prizes?

10000000% Dependent on the tournament. Win anything from cash to volleyballs to a plunger.

Do we get tshirts?

Maybe. Depends on the tournments, # of teams, # of sponsors, availability, etc. It will be announced in the tournament details.

  • Pinheads

    A great place for beginners and intermediate players. Offers four sand courts for leagues, tournaments and open play. Quads and 6s. Full resturaunt and bar as well as other entertainment.

  • iBeach

    Two Locations:

    iBeach offers range from doubles to 6s but is more focused on intermediate-advance players and youth training. Great for players that want to enhance their skills and play different styles of sand volleyball.

    Westfield - 7 outdoor sand courts. Small bar and snacks available.

    Greenfield - 3 indoor sand courts. Great for playing in the sand in the winter! Vending available.

  • Midwest

    Outdoor sports complex that also has baseball and soccer. Home to 8 full sand courts with a range of skilled players. On site there is a bar and limited kitchen.

    Heads up: there is a $3 gate fee in addition to your player dues.

  • Sportzone

    This indoor club offers a range of court and turf games. Sportzone runs intermediate and competitive leagues for volleyballers that have a good grasp of the game. Most tournaments are Friday nights which makes it a staple in the Indy area.

    Heads up: there is a $5 gate fee in addition to your player dues.

  • CCA

    Circle City Athletics is known for more than just volleyball and is the leading organizer of volleyball leagues and tournaments in the Indianapolis area. Like IndyVB, they are not tied to one location which means you can find all levels and types of play on their website.

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What does IndyVB actually do?

We help share volleyball information in Indianapolis and surrounding cities. We also sponsor and coordinate tournaments. Since we are not a part of any specific club, you may see us around the city. A long way to say we are sports event promotors and marketers :)

Ok, but why?

We love volleyball. We have met some our our best friends through this sport and want to share that love and passion with as many people as we can.

How does IndyVB make money?

We make money by running tournaments at our favorite clubs and sponsorships. We try to keep our costs low so we can keep tournament fees low and payouts high.

How do you use my data?

Your data is yours. We ask for a lot of information when you sign up so that we can send you information that is relavent to you.

Example: if you are a beginner court player, we won't bog down your inbox with AVP sand doubles information.

We will not sell your data.

How can I get involved?

1. Show up! We'd love to see you at our sponsored events! You'll also see us at open play and leagues. Just say hi!

2. Tell your friends. Like and share our facebook. Subscribe to our newsletter. Help us grow our brand :)

Are you hiring?

As we grow, we may need more tournament directors. But for now we have the right people.

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